Upcoming Skyview Visits

Students who wish to meet with representatives from a particular institution should make a request with Mrs. Essman so they can be called down during the visit. You can do so by sending an email or filling out a meeting request form.

Restrictions: ​These presentations are only available for juniors and seniors. If you have 5 or more absences, you will not be permitted to attend. If you have any Fs, you cannot attend.

If you have a particular circumstance and want to discuss attending a presentation in spite of grades or absences, please see Mrs. Essman or your counselor.


Date of Visit

College of Western Idaho 11/28 Enrichment Visit
 University of Idaho 11/28 Lunch Visit
 College of Southern Idaho 11/29 Enrichment Visit
 Boise State CAMP program 11/30 @ 11:15
University of Idaho Dec. 1st Lunch visit
University of Idaho Dec. 15th Enrichment visit