Upcoming Skyview Visits

Students who wish to meet with representatives from a particular institution should make a request with Mrs. Essman so they can be called down during the visit. You can do so by sending an email or filling out a meeting request form.

Restrictions: ​These presentations are only available for juniors and seniors. If you have 5 or more absences, you will not be permitted to attend. If you have any Fs, you cannot attend.

If you have a particular circumstance and want to discuss attending a presentation in spite of grades or absences, please see Mrs. Essman or your counselor.


Date of Visit

Job Searching Enrichment-Two Part Series Oct. 19 & 20
 Whitworth University Oct. 23rd enrichment
 National Guard Lunch Visit
 Concurrent Credit Enrichment- learn how to make the most of your concurrent credit Oct. 24
 Corban University Oct. 26 @ 8 am
 University of Utah Oct. 26th enrichment visit
University of Idaho Oct. 31
 Portland State University Enrichment Nov. 7
 Idaho Scholarships Enrichment Nov. 8
 Lewis-Clark State College CAMP Visit @ 8:30 Nov. 13
 Need to Knows for going Out of State Enrichment  Nov. 14
 Turning 18 Enrichment Nov. 15
 Boise State University Enrichment Nov. 17
 College of Southern Idaho Enrichment Nov. 29 
University of Idaho Dec. 1st Lunch visit
University of Idaho Dec. 15th Enrichment visit