Senior Project




Purpose Statement

Students in the Nampa School District will explore their plans for life.  They will research their education and career plans, developing an informative essay and presentation to report their findings. The senior project allows students to demonstrate their ability to apply their skills and educational experiences as they plan their future.  Our district Senior Project is aligned with Idaho Core Standards. 


Rationale from the Idaho State Department of Education (ISDE)

The Senior Project is part of the High School Redesign efforts in 2006. Research indicates that it is a strategy that helps to make the senior year more engaging for students which influences senior dropout rates as well as go-on rates.   At that time, many school districts were already requiring students to complete an oral and written project during their senior year to graduate from high school.  Because of this, the language in the Administrative Rule is purposefully vague so that districts have freedom in defining it as fits their student population and practice. 



Every senior completes their Senior Project in the 1st semester of their senior year.  Senior Project is distinct from any projects students may complete in Capstone courses.  Senior Projects will take the place of Capstone Projects, though projects will still be completed in Capstone courses.  Please see your Capstone teacher with questions. 




The Senior Project has two parts:

Informative essay
Oral presentation with multi-media component

Informative Essay Requirements

5 sources minimum:

1 primary source (interview)

4 secondary sources—credible and scholarly

5-7 pages, excluding title page and references
Format appropriate to discipline (MLA, APA, Chicago)
Common informative essay rubric

Students who do not meet proficiency by the deadline will be reported to school administration for further action; please note that this is a scored component of Senior English and a graduation requirement
Oral Presentation Requirements
All students will present during the 3rd quarter, at a date to be determined.
Multi-media component is required (PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, etc.)
7-10 minutes in length, excluding judges' questions
Common presentation rubric
Presentations must meet proficiency on all elements of the rubric to pass
Students who do not meet proficiency will re-present on the make-up day in April