Activities / Sports

Go Hawks! At Skyview High School, sports and activities provide our students with an opportunity to learn, compete, excel, and represent their school in a positive way. All SHS students are invited to participate in a club or sport and also are encouraged to support their classmates and teammates by being good fans.

At Skyview, we view athletics and clubs as an extension of the academic classroom with the primary purpose of promoting the physical, mental, moral, emotional well-being, and the development of all involved.

Skyview High School is known for its display of good sportsmanship and spirit at athletic contests. We are proud of the behavior and sportsmanship displayed by our students, players, coaches, and spectators who:

  • Value healthy rivalry, encourage spirited fair play, and appreciate positive support
  • Represent themselves, their teams, and their schools with pride and poise
  • Treat visiting teams and officials as guests, extending to them courtesy
  • Are modest in victory and gracious in defeat

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