Sports Medicine 1



College of Idaho / Boise State University – Skyview High School




Semester/Year: Fall/Spring 2015-2016                                               Office: P1 TO

Instructor: Rusty Sullivan L,ATC, NASM-CPT, PES, CES     Office Phone: 498-0561 x5392                      

Email:                                                  Class Room: V 112

Cell Phone: 208-965-6729                                                      Class Time: 4A & 3B Block



This course introduces the student to athletic training procedures as they relate to the athlete, physical educator, coach, and athletic trainer.  The course includes history of the athletic training profession, ethics, proper recording of injuries, taping, and principles of athletic training.  This course can be taken for 3 concurrent credits from CSI or BSU for a fee.



France, C., Robert, W. (2004). Introduction to Sports Medicine & Athletic Training. Thomson-Delmar Learning



Health Occupations



  1. Understand the role of the athletic trainer and the entire sports medicine team
  2. Basic working knowledge of human anatomy
  3. Basic understanding of injuries to include tendonitis, muscle strains, ligamentous sprains, contusions, fractures, spine injuries and the acute care of these injuries.
  4. Understand the principles of rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
  5. Recognize sports emergencies such as heat/cold disorders, diabetic conditions, skin disease, nutritional deviations and contagious pathogens.
  6. Leave this class with the ability to advance to a higher skill level and to research further questions regarding sports injury.



  1. The student will learn fundamentals of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training.
  2. The student will have outstanding attendance and be on time during school and after school.
  3. The student will work after school a min. of 15 hours each quarter to total 30 hours for the semester.
  4. The student must respect and be courteous to classmates, athletes, and the instructor.
  5. A student discovered copying from a classmate’s work will receive a zero and will also receive a parent phone call.  *This also includes the student who allows a classmate to copy from his/her work or commits plagiarism.  (Failure of the course is also possible.)





  1. Attend classes. See Attendance Policy in the Student Handbook
  2. Read all materials used in class.
  3. Take all examinations.  Complete make-ups by the next class.
  4. If you know you will be absent, turn your work in ahead of schedule.
  5. Complete all class assignments.
  6. Take notes daily and compile them in a Composition Note Book.
  7. Complete a minimum of 15 hours each quarter of observation time after school.
  8. Participate, don’t vegetate.






  • No cell phones and MP3 players in class unless instructor approved. See Electronic Devices in the Student Handbook
  • Students will need a Composition Note Book.  Students will need to bring their Composition Note Book to every class.
  • Attendance in class and after school is required and will be graded each day.
  • Behavior: This is a college course and you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner.  You will receive one warning concerning inappropriate behavior; if the behavior persists, you will be dropped and removed from class.
  • All assignments are due on their due date, unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Honesty: Students are expected to be honest in all aspects of their work.  All work is evaluated on the assumption that the work presented is the student’s own.  Students are subject to the grade of (F) for any of the following dishonesty practices.  Cheating, Plagiarism.



Fall/Spring Semester:                                          %                              Grading Scale

Observation 30 hours (15hrs/quarter)             30%                             A = 90-100%

Quizzes & Binder                                           30%                             B = 80-89%

Labs, Class Assignments & Participation       30%                             C = 70-79%

Semester Final Exam                                      10%                             D = 60-69%

                                                                                                            F = 59%-Below


Semester Total %                                            100%