AP Computer Science Principles

Course Description:  AP COMPUTER SCIENCE PRINCIPLES. Introduction to fundamental concepts of computing. Includes logical reasoning, problem solving, data representation, abstraction, programming (in Processing language), debugging, and managing complexity. Basic ideas behind technologies including computers, networks, search engines, and multimedia. Ethical, legal and social aspects of information technology. PREREQ: Credit earned in Algebra 2.

Programming Projects

There are two main projects in the semester.

  • Project 1: Students develop an Android App of their choosing that showcases various Computer Science principles. This project is in two parts.
  • Project 2: Students develop a simulation that uses visualization in processing. Students are required to submit individual programming projects but are able to collaborate on the development of their programming projects.
    • Programs must be submitted by midnight the day they are due. Late programs are subject to a deduction of 10% every 2 days from the maximum possible score (e.g. a perfect program is worth 100 points if submitted before midnight and is only worth 90 points at 12:00 AM the second day). Programs will not be accepted more than 4 days late.

AP CSP Course Syllabus

Topics and Notes


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