Health Course Description:  The student will explore current health issues and focus on the concept of wellness in regards to physical, social, and mental well being.  The chief objective of this course is to help students understand that their level of health is to a large extent a matter of personal choice based on good decisions.  THIS COURSE MEETS THE HEALTH GRADUATION REQUIREMENT!

Course objectives

  • Students will learn essential health concepts
  • Students will develop critical thinking skills in relation to making healthy choices
  • Students will recognize and understand that their health is a matter of their choices.       

Important Documents:
Health Syllabus
Current Event Report
No Regrets Permission Form
PowerSchool Self Evaluation Form

Chapter Materials

Chapter 1:
Goal Check Assessment
Healthy Skills Activity Template
SMART goal setting EXAMPLE
SMART goal setting
The Health Triangle Project

Chapter 4:
Fitness Test Materials:
Body Fat Percentages
Fitness Assessments
How to calculate lean body mass
How to take body tape measurements
Pinch test
Understanding your body fat percentages

Fitness Plan Materials:
Example Fitness Program
William's Fitness Plan

Chapter 5:

Nutrient Project:


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