• In January of 2010, the Common Core State Standards were legislated in Idaho. As a result, our scoring and grading practices have changed. We no longer score assignments; we score standards. The difference is that we are scoring a very specific skill or cognitive task. Students earn one of four possible scores for their skill and understanding. Please see The Art Department Grading Policy tab for more information and details.

    Standards Based Grading

     Questions about your child's grade in class?

    -Is my child missing any assignments or have low quiz/test scores?
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-How are my child's weekly participation grades? E&P 
Are they participating in discussion? Asking Questions?
How are their studio habits? Do they clean-up after themselves? Are they using the class period to work?-Are they volunteering to help?
Are they assisting others/giving feedback?
Are they taking suggestions and using them to improve?

-How are my child's project grades?
Are they thinking creatively? Using originality?
Are they going beyond the directions?
Are they standing out and taking risks with their art?
How is their craftsmanship?