This intermediate class is a full year, 2 credit course.
The art projects are based on the Idaho Visual Arts State Standards and Common Core Standards for grades 9-12. We will continue to build on the knowledge gained in Foundations of Art and increase student's understanding of why artists create. Students will further develop skills in additive, subtractive, and assemblage sculpture, ceramics, and visual problem solving. Students will broaden their visual art and descriptive vocabulary as they pertain to three dimensional works. Through individual and group inquiry and art creation students will increase their knowledge of sculpture media techniques, art history, visual culture and the value of art in our society. Students work with a variety of media including clay, papier mache, and plaster and learn different building techniques that create functional and expressive works of art.


Students will be required to supply some of their own materials to use in class. These include:
 A 3 ring (1-inch) binder
Page dividers
Pencils (any kind)
Notebook paper
Plain printer paper (about 50 sheets)
1 Package of Post-It notes