Lea Virgin - English Teacher

Lea Virgin

Hello! I am happy to be a Skyview Educator. I love my field, English. I also love Idaho. I have been in Idaho now for 18 years. I am one of six children, and my parents moved 33 times before I graduated High School. I have lived in West Virginia where I received my degree. I have lived in Arizona, South Carolina, New Mexico, etc... I am now married and have been for 16 years. My husband Jeff, had three children from a previous marriage, and I became a "mom" over night. I have one older daughter who is now 27 and is a sculptor for a cake decorating company. My twins, who I raised, are now 22. They also graduated from Skyview High School.  I love Nampa! I found it is just big enough to give us options, but it is small enough to feel homey. I enjoy my pets (2 Dogs). I love reading, gardening, and spending time with my family.

Parents: What do your student need for my class?
1. 2 inch three ring binder
2. loose leaf paper
3. 1 single subject notebook that will stay in the binder unless directed by teacher
4. Lots of pens (black and blue) pencils
5. Highlighters
6. Quality tape or Elmer's Glue
7. Note book dividers at least 4 of them. (one--Return Work; two--Current work; three--extra paper; four--Grade spreadsheets, notes home, etc.