Sophomore English Quarter 1
Essential Questions:

What are human rights?
How are they guaranteed?
What are the obstacles of guaranteed human rights?

Anchor Texts:
Night by Elie Wiesel

Aug. 22-27:
1. Intro to class, pictures and ID, Collection of Literature Textbook

2. Put together interactive notebooks with the following materials:

Table of Contents sheet
LEAD to Analyze Diction
Theme Notes
Tone Notes (4 sheets)
Assertion Journals with an Argumentative Twist
7 Logical Fallacies (5 Sheets)
Does Your Web Site Pass the CRAAP Test?
Semi-colon notes
Primary/Secondary Notes
Syntax Definition (2 sheets)
Annotated Bibliography
SOAPSTONE Document Analysis
Parallel Structure Notes
Rhetorical Device Chart
Transition words and phrases
"Hazel Tells Laverne"
Propaganda Notes Sheet
Night Notes Handout #1 (2 sheets)
Night Vocabulary To Understand the Novel (2 sheets) 
Annotated Bibliography Info 

September 1/2:
1. Use "Hazel Tells Laverne" and "Janet Waking" from the interactive notebooks, to teach
 theme, tone, diction and syntax

1. Intro to Citelighter writing program
2. Read/ "What of this Goldfish Would You Wish?" in the literature textbook page 3

Sept. 8/9

  1. New Seating
  2. Pass out Semi-Colon Packets and go over the notes in interactive notebooks
  3. Complete page 1 of packet
  4. Second read of “What of This Goldfish Would You Want?” with class discussion
  5.  Complete Vocabulary for Night—PowerPoint and notes handout is in the interactive notebook.
  6. Exit Ticket—Create a theme for “What of This Goldfish Would You Want?”

Night Notes PowerPoint
Night Vocabulary Powerpoint

*****REMINDER—if you have not completed the Citelighter materials—must be done by the 14/15 (day of IWA test)

Sept. 12/13

  1. Semi-Colon review of 1-12
  2. 4B finish Night Vocabulary Notes.
  3. Do next section of Semi-colon packet
  4. Teacher will pass out the story, “The Wife’s Story” by Ursula Le Guin
  5. As a class, go over the directions.
  6. Students will complete the story with its instructions.

Semi-colon Packet

Sept. 14/15
IWA testing on Citelighter

Sept. 16/19:
1. Go over 2nd 1-12 semi-colon. Do the next section.
2. Collect any "The Wife's Story" and the tan signed sheet from the District Office.
3. Night Notes--Handout in interactive Notebooks
3. Notes on Primary/Secondary Documents in interactive notebooks. 
4. Inquiry activity handout and partner work

"The Wife Story"

Sept. 20-21

***TURN IN ANY “The Wife’s Story” or the Tan colored District Papers—Place them in the turn in box for your class.

  1. Go over 1-12 of worksheet #3 in semi-colon packet
  2. Do the worksheet #4 (1-8) and put it away.
  3. 30-45 minutes to partner up again and finish the Inquiry Partner Assignment and turn it in to the shelf.
  4. Complete Propaganda Notes—PowerPoint and handout in the interactive notebook.
  5. If time, silently begin reading chapter one of Night

 Inquiry Chart 
Inquiry Documents 
Propaganda Notes PowerPoint

Sept. 22/23:

***TURN IN ANY “The Wife’s Story” or the Tan colored District Papers, Or the Crystal Night Inquiry Activity—Place them in the turn in box for your class.


  1. Go over Semi-colons (B-DAY do both 1-12 and 1-8)
  2. Finish PowerPoint on Propaganda (A Day)
  3. Class Discussion—and collection of Inquiry handout
  4. Read Night Chapter 1:
  5. Quiz Chapter 1/grade
  6. If time start Chapter 2—FINISH for HOMEWORK!!!


  7. HONORS ONLY—Page 1 in Honors literature book to page 7—read silently. Complete GQ quesitons in interactive notebooks as you read.  


  8. Group up for page 7 Letter B activity—Back to normal seating.


  9. Read page 10/11 silently—Draw the Three Circle Venn Diagram in interactive notebooks.


  10. Next, read pages 12-15 silently

Sept. 26/27:

  1. Do Next Semi-Colon Section Worksheet 5
  2.  Review Chapter 2 Night
  3. Quiz Ch. 2 and grade
  4. Interactive notebook—Night Text Dependent Questions--In class packet only--5 questions  today
  5.  Read chapter 3
  6. HONORS ONLY—Finish any Honors Text reading
  7. HONORS ONLY—Class discussion over Chapter 1—continue Ch. 1

 Night Text Dependent Questions 

Sept. 28/29:

1. Go over Worksheet 5 on Semi-colons

2. Review Chapter #3/Quiz/Grade

3. The Ghetto Article Assignment

4. Work on Text Dependent Questions for Ch. 3

5. Read Chapter 4 of Night. (DUE NEXT CLASS)

Ghetto Article Assignment


Oct. 4/5

1. Semi-colon packet worksheet #7 after going over 6

2. Night chapter 5 review and quiz

3. Work on Text Dependent Questions (15 minutes)

4. Nobel Peace Prize speech—Elie Wiesel—Read as a class—Intro to Ethos/Pathos/Logos and Rhetoric and the rhetorical devices:

 Terms to copy into interactive notebook:

Ethos--convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader.

Pathos-- is an appeal to emotion, and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response.

Logos --is an appeal to logic, and is a way of persuading an audience by reason.

Rhetoric--the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques.

Allusion-- a brief and indirect reference to a person, place, thing or idea of historical, cultural, literary or political significance.

Nobel Peace Prize Speech:


October 10/11

1. Go over Semi-colon worksheet 7 and Finish the rest of the packet.—turn in onto the shelf when done.

2. Review chapter 6 SILENTLY (10 minutes only) (Summative grade) Take Quiz/grade

3. Complete the 1 Text Dependent Question for chapter 

4. Pull out the Nobel Peace Prize Speech—Pull out your interactive notebooks and turn to the rhetorical device charts. Use the overhead projection to help you begin annotating.

 Nobel Peace Prize Speech 
Rhetorical Devices for Peace Prize Speech

***Chapter 7 due next time!


HONORS: WORK ON DOING chapters 1-6 TEXT DEPENDENT Questions. DO them in your interactive notebooks. (GO about 5 pages over from where you ended.)


October 12/13:

1. Summative Quiz Semi-colons (10 POINTS)

2. Review ch. 7/Quiz—grade

3. Finish Nobel Peace Prize (review last time’s work)

5. If time, introduce Perspective Write

4. Read Chapters 8 and 9

 ***See above for attachments for the Nobel Peace Prize


Finish Text Dependent Questions up to chapter 7--

Oct. 14/17:

1. Pass back papers—go over semi-colon quiz.

2. Review Chapters 8 and 9/Take Quiz/Grade

3. Finish Text Dependent Questions

5. Finish Nobel Peace Prize Annotations

6. Introduce and start Perspective Write—


 Perspective Write Assignment
Perspective Write Example from Teacher










Oct. 18—A-Day 21st B-Day

**Oct. 24/25 Night Exam—

       To STUDY: 1. All the notes from the interactive notebook            2. Text Dependent Questions

                           3. Old Quizzes

                           4. Crystal Night Materials

                           5. Primary/Secondary Sources


1. Teacher Example of Perspective Write

2. 30 minutes SILENT TIME to read/prepare/write on perspective write—Rough Draft due next class

3. Pass out Universal Declaration of Human Rights—Finish and collect


Oct. 20—A-Day ONLY—

1. Watch Oprah Winfrey with Elie Wiesel.

2. Begin Perils of Indifference--Read aloud as a class first
3. Pass out the assignments. Teacher will pair you up--Work on Rhetoric. 

Oct. 24/25:
COLLECT any missing work
COLLECT Honors Novel Reports
1. Night Exam

Oct. 26/Nov. 1st
1. 20 minutes to work on Perspective Write
    ***Typed Rough Draft Due 4/5 
2. Teacher will partner you up--Pass out The Perils of Indifference speech. Pass out handout that goes with the speech. Observe the teacher for first section.
3. Work with partner to annotate the rhetoric in the speech.

The Perils of Indifference 
The Perils of Indifference Handout