Van Kierstead - Communication Teacher

Mr. Kierstead 

Mr. Kierstead, the world renowned linguist known for his wit, humility, and wisdom is the foremost authority on all issues of communication and language. Mr. Kierstead is also known around the world for his heroism and exploits of daring-do.Fighting crime, securing peace in places where professionals dare not go, righting injustices in the world—child’s play and common place in Mr. Kierstead’s day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, that Mr. Kierstead could not join our staff. Instead, we have Mr. Kierstead’s second cousin thrice removed, Van Kierstead. He’s OK at speaking and occasionally tells a funny story (sometimes intentionally) and has had fleeting moments when his intelligence got the better of his truer nature.He actually won an argument with his wife, but has since acknowledged that she was right after all.


Van Kierstead once comforted a small child who was stung by a bee, and was observed just last week untangling two shopping carts that were locked in a near death-grip embrace at a local grocery store.Van Kierstead can be found in his off-hours at a local fishing hole where he amuses the fish he’d rather be catching.

Message to all my students:

Welcome to the wonderful webpage of Speech. My name is Mr. Kierstead and I will be your Speech teacher for the semester. Because I care so much about you, I have developed a program of fun and excellence to teach you the Art of Communication--beautiful and just.

For my class, you’ll need a 3-Ring binder (1 inch or a 1/2 inch), paper and pen or pencil.I have some extra notebooks and lots of paper if you need it.

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