Scott Watford - Spanish Teacher

Bienvenidos todos al aula de español.

My name is Scott Watford and I'll be your Spanish teacher this year.

One of my favorite things to do is learn other languages and "try them out" with real people. Speaking fluently feels like playing music in front of a crowd, or pulling off an amazing stunt on skis or a skateboard. It feels good to be proficient at something. It is my hope that you "catch the bug" and continue to learn languages throughout your life, and that whatever language you choose is both useful and enjoyable for you.

I have spoken at least some Spanish since I was six years old and I graduated with my BA in Spanish in 2014. I'm currently working on my Master's degree and after I'm done, I also want to certify as a medical interpreter. When I'm not working on those things I like to run, bike, play hockey, hike, and ski. I also love to read and cook food (especially Mexican food. Typical of a Spanish teacher, I know.)  


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