Spanish 1 (1)

Plan of Action for Feb. 19:

  1. View the YouTube video about Benito's house:

     We are going to tell a story on Tuesday about someone looking for a house, so I hope this gets you prepared.

  2. While viewing it, pause and repeat when you need to, and make a plan of Benito's house (view from above). Name all rooms, including outdoor spaces. List, or draw and label the things in each room. NOTE: In this video, alcoba = bedroom. The word we learned in Patricia va a California is dormitorio and it would be best to stick with dormitiorio = bedroom.
  3. When done, work on as long as you would like. If you don't want to work on for the rest of the period, you can play BananaGrams (in Spanish of course). Either way, please take the DuoLingo survey I made at this link:
  4. Another option is to go to and view the Maya Creation Story. We have learned a little about Guatemala from our book, Patricia va a California and the Maya are the indigenous people of Guatemala. On your paper, write down or illustrate the parts of the myth that are most interesting to you. For comparison, check out the Aztec Creation Story (the dominant indigenous culture of Mexico). Enjoy!