Rich Sanders - Math Teacher

Online Textbook:
ID: Hawksgeo
Password: skyviewhawks

498-0561 # 5434

Room G204

Prep periods 2A & 3B

Geometry Expectations

Mathematics is best learned when a student is committed to consistently completing assignments and participating in class.  Students are expected to read, study, and take notes on each lesson.  Students are expected to complete all assignments.  What you learn today is the foundation for future lessons.



  1. Come to class on time and prepared.  Three tardies will count as an absence and detention will be issued.  On any further tardies in the semester detention and/or suspension will be issued.
  2. You will have your math book, paper, pencil, and 3-ring binder each day.  Be seated and ready to start the warm-up activity when the bell rings.
  3. Participate and follow instructions during class.
  4. Be respectful to all members of the class.
  5. Do your own work, stay on task, and take responsibility for your own learning.
  6. NO CELL PHONES, MUSIC DEVICES or EAR BUDS are allowed out in class.  No food allowed in class.  Water bottles are acceptable.
  7. It is highly recommended to bring your own scientific calculator to class each day.  Cell phone calculators are NOT allowed.  It is also recommended that you have a compass, protractor, and graph paper.
  8. Follow all Skyview High School expectations.



  1. Assignments are done in PENCIL.  We do assignments everyday so come to class prepared.
  2. Assignments must be completed in the SHS math department format.  Label each assignment in the upper right hand corner with Name, Date, and Period.  List the Assignment on the top line on the left.
  3. Assignments will be graded on a 10 point scale.  Depending on the amount of problems and difficulty level, students will be allowed to miss a certain number of problems and still receive a 10.  In order to receive credit on your assignments you MUST show all your work.
  4. Assignments are posted promptly on Power School.  If you are absent it is your responsibility to complete the assignment(s) you have missed in a timely manner.  If you are absent for school events it is your responsibility to determine the assignment before your absence.  Assignments can be also found on my school website at http:/
  5. Make-up work must be completed and turned in prior to the current chapter test over the material.  Late work must be completed and turned in prior to the current chapter test over the material.  Late work will receive a maximum score of 80%.  No make-up or late work will be accepted after the current chapter test has been taken.
  6. All returned assignments, quizzes, tests and notes should be kept in a 3-ring binder for your use for the entire semester.  Your 3-ring binder will be checked periodically and graded on organization and complete contents.



  1. If absent, check with another classmate; send me an email asking for the missing assignment; check Power School; check the whiteboard in my classroom or check my website http:/
  2. All work missed due to any type of absence is your responsibility to complete promptly.
  3. If you know you are going to be absent please request your assignments in advance. 
  4. If you are absent and return to school the next day please stop by and get your assignment.  Don’t wait until the following day.



  1. Semester grade is based on assignments (30%), quizzes (15%), tests (40%), and the final (15%).
  2. Grading Scale: “A” (90-100%), “B” (80-89%), “C” (70-79%), “D” (60-69%), and an

“F” below 60%

  1. Students may retake any formal formative assessment (quiz) no more than twice.The retake will only be administered after the student has provided evidence that additional learning has taken place.
  2. Retakes will replace any previous scores on the formative assessment (quiz).There will be no penalty assigned to a retake, meaning students can earn up to 100% on the formal formative assessment.
  3. The grade on assessments (tests) will not change as a result of corrections.
  4. Late work will earn a maximum score of 80%.
  5. The LAD (Last Acceptable Date) for all assignments and retakes will coincide with the end of the unit of study and will be clearly communicated.Class work and assessments for the timeframe may be accepted up to that LAD.Zeroes will be assigned for past due work with the understanding students may turn in the work until the LAD.
  6. Because so much of the work in math requires original thought and reasoning cheating, including plagiarism, on ANY assignment, is automatically assigned a failing grade of zero for the offending piece or pieces. A student who willfully supplies materials to another student for copying is considered subject to the same penalties- both students will receive a 0 score. In addition, the matter will be entered into Power School and brought to the attention of other school authorities concerning possible further action and consequences.



Please show up to class each day with a positive and productive attitude.  Be an active participant.  If there is an academic or behavioral problem, the following steps will be followed:

  1. Student will meet with the teacher.
  2. Parent(s) will be contacted by the teacher.
  3. Teacher will meet with parent(s) and an administrator



If you forget to take your book home to complete assignments the text book is available online at  Geometry (2007 book) Username: Hawksgeo  Password: skyviewhawks


If there are any concerns or general questions, please feel free to email me at or call the school directly.  The phone number at Skyview High School is 498-0561 and Mr. R. Sanders’ extension is 5434 and Mr. A. Sanders’ extension is 5378