PSAT Score Interpretation

PSAT Score Interpretation: 


Need to Strengthen Skills = below grade-level benchmark by more than one year 

Approaching Benchmark = below grade-level benchmark by one year or less 

Meets or Exceeds Benchmark = at or above grade-level benchmark 


Remember, this was your score when you took the test; it is not a measure of how far you can grow.  


What are your next steps? 

  1. Create a College Board Account 
  1. Go to  
  1. Click “Sign Up” under the Sign In spaces.  
  1. Input your personal information under “Create Your Student Account.”  Remind students that this information (name, date of birth, email address) must match the information students provided in the student questionnaire on the PSAT/NMSQT. 
  1. Link Your College Board Account to Khan Academy 
  1. Step 1 Log in or create a Khan Academy account. 
  1. Step 2 When prompted, agree to link your Khan Academy and College Board accounts. You will then be directed to 
  1. Step 3 Sign in or create a College Board account. 
  1. Step 4 When prompted, hit “Send” to authorize the account linking. 
  1. Step 5 Start practicing on Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy! 

If you have questions about your PSAT score or would like to talk about college and career options, please come to the Career Center.