Distance Learning

Distance learning starts Tuesday, March 31 "A" day. Students need to be checking their NSD email for communication from their teachers. The office staff can be reached by phone at: (208) 498-0561.


Beginning Monday April 20th

All Mondays and Thursdays are an “A-day”

All Tuesdays and Fridays are an “B-day”

Wednesdays are work days and days to make an appointment with your Teachers


  • 1stPeriod = 9am to 9:45am
  • 2ndPeriod = 10am to 10:45am
  • Lunch/Break
  • 3rdPeriod = 12pm to 12:45pm
  • 4thPeriod = 1pm to 1:45pm
  • Teacher Office Hours are all the same time now = 2pm to 3pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (no office hours on Wednesday due to early release teacher/staff collaboration meetings)




You may find the following links helpful with our new Distance Learning Environment:


Establishing student’s daily schedule and routine for online learning (template): This Template can be used by students and parents to set a daily schedule/routine during distance learning. Additionally, it includes a reflection page for students and parents to state what went well or not, during the days learning.



Wide Open Schools by Common Sense Media: This website has a variety of social distancing tools for students and parents, as well as resources on learning from home, emotional well-being, core subjects and more



Guidelines for Participating in online Video and Chat Sessions: This is the Nampa School District’s guidelines for students on how to participate in synchronous instruction (online).



Parent Tutorials for Microsoft Teams - online video/chat tool: These are short YouTube clips done by a Alice Keeler on all components of Teams for parents



Grading Procedure for Virtual Learning Spring 2020: This is the district grading policy for all levels. If there is a question concerning a grade, please contact the teacher through email.