Funding for Drivers Ed Course

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If you are interested in utilizing Advanced Opportunities funding for a Driver's Ed course through Phillips Driving School, you will need to complete the following steps:
Make sure that you are registered for the class with Phillips Driving School
Complete a funding request for the course through Advanced Opportunities
Complete an Advanced Opportunities Participation Form
Skyview Driver Education Instructions
1. Go to the office to ask for a V.O.C (Verification of Compliance). This is a form for the DMV that states that you are a Skyview student and attend school regularly. If you do not attend regularly, you will be required to complete two weeks of perfect attendance (no absences or tardiness)
2. Go to the DMV to get the permit – bring the following:
  • VOC
  • Social Security Card
  • Birth certificate (photocopy not accepted)
  • Photo (School ID Card or State ID Card)
  • Identification of parents - or guardianship documents if necessary.
3. Register at - You cannot register without permit from the DMV. Follow the instructions on their website.

4. Create an account or log in to This MUST be a student account created by students. Accounts created with parent emails will be denied. If you are creating an account, be sure to verify your email.

5. Once your account is verified and approved, select "Request Funds" on the left side. If you don't see this as an option anywhere, you didn't verify your account, or it hasn't been approved. Contact [email protected] if you've verified your account and still don't see the request option.

b)    Once you have selected "Request Funds", select the following:
c)    County: CANYON
d)    School year: 2023-2024
e)    District: Nampa School District
f)    School: Skyview High School
g)    Grade level: Select your grade level
h)    Term: Fall, Spring or Summer
i)    Course type: Overload
j)    Course Provider: District
k)    Course name: Drivers Ed
l)    The rest will be automated for you. Just click submit course and finish at this point. – There is no further action required on your end if you have gotten your permit, registered with Phillips, and requested funding. 
Please note that if you choose to use Advanced Opportunities for this course, it will show up on your high school transcript as a letter grade. This transcript will travel with you throughout high school and entering into college. If you fail the course, you will get a flag on your Advanced Opportunities account and your funding will be frozen, you will need to pay for another overload (high school level) course before your funding can be used again.